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I just wish to say that I felt my experience at Fit Rehab was very good. All of they staff were very accommodating. John was attentive to my needs; pushing, but never causing pain or distress. He made it look easy.
Thank you for your part in my recovery.
I had a wonderful experience at FIT Rehab. I came in with flexibility issues, and I left a much more durable person, confident, feeling no pain, and willing to do more with my personal workouts. I never saw myself as a patient, but rather as a willing participant towards a more healthy me. I have never felt better.  
My daughter’s experience went very well. Her ankle is doing much better since working with you. I experience neck and back pain daily, especially during the fall and winter months. This past year, working John, went very well at FIT Rehab. I will definitely continue therapy with FIT Rehab in the future.
Thank you for everything FIT Rehab!
-Tina and Gabriella
I am really happy with Michael’s progress. John is going at a good pace with his rehab. John is following protocol from the orthopedic’s office and doesn’t push Michael too far or too fast. Michael enjoys going to his sessions, which I feel has a lot to do with John’s personality. He keeps the sessions fun and diverse but also can relate to Michael which really helps to keep him motivated in doing his exercises outside of the PT office.
The office is neat and organized with the staff very friendly and helpful. Our session never has more than one other patient in the room which allows Michael for a one-on-one with John. I also like the fact that I can sit in on Michael’s sessions so I can see what he is doing. If I ever have a question or concern, John addresses it right away without making me feel like I am over stepping as a concerned or over-bearing parent.
I am extremely pleased with Michael’s progress and how John is handling his case. I feel very confident that Michael will make a 110% recovery.
-Kelley and Michael
My experience with John as well as the staff at FIT Rehab was very positive. John’s routine was just right for my particular recovery. I was happy with the facility and the services that I received. I also like the fact that John would explain my treatment each step of the way and answer all my questions, including those of my past injuries, etc. He explained my condition/treatment in a way that I understood and provided more detail than most doctors. I would return to FIT Rehab for any future therapy needs and would recommend it to friends and family. Thank you.
I want to say thanks for taking me in for a patient.  I had no idea it would benefit me the way it has, it’s a new (life style) for me.  (Keep moving)  I could not have asked for a better coach, you believed in me when I thought there was no hope.
  • One on one with the therapist was big for me.
  • The workout area was set-up and always ready for me.
  • John has helped me come so far in just 8 weeks.
  • John set realistic goals for me to achieve and that did wonders for my self-esteem.
  • All in all, John made me feel like I could achieve my goals!
Dear Mr. John,
Thank you sooo very much for taking me on as a patient.  I know you don’t specialize in 18 month olds but I love you for helping me learn to walk.  Thank you for your patience, for bringing in Dora, letting me watch Elmo while we stretch, for our walks, your encouragement, enthusiasm and professional help.Hopefully in the next ten months I will master walking on my own and then mommy will tell you of how she can’t keep me down. 
Chloe, Jeff and Kelly
I’m so glad I made the move to FIT Rehab.  You have given me the confidence I need to reach my goal of walking with one cane.  I know the personalized therapy plan you provided, will give me what I need to get back my independence.  On a side note, I find your office staff extremely friendly and accommodating, offering a personal touch, unlike other facilities I have tried.  My overall feeling is, FIT Rehab is the perfect FIT for me.
I am so pleased with the service I got from FIT Rehab. I would be honored to recommend FIT Rehab at any time. Thank God for the help you gave me. I really enjoyed spending time with the therapist in my home.
Thank you,
Lucy was perfect in every way. I hope I can have her work with me again if I ever need home-care therapy again.
Sasha was very kind and thoughtful and helped me a lot to understand the importances of exercise.
John is “The Best” and we thank you! I would refer a friend or family member to FIT Rehab.
Stacey is an excellent, friendly, devoted therapist. She has always made me feel that I was important to her, not just another patient.
I am very happy with your program and Stacey. She was a great help to me.
-Harold F.
Best rehab I ever had.
She was very helpful. She was so patient with me. She gave me lots of homework. I want her to know that I’m doing them every day. Thanks to Miss Lucy! She is great!
Yours truly,
-Frances H.
My therapist, Lucy, was always pleasant and helped me a lot. She was a pleasure to have in our home.
-Florence O.
Stacey was a very understanding and helpful person.
-Helen S
Stacey was the best PT I have ever had! She really cared about my progress and helped me more than you know!
Thank you!
Ann M.
I found Stacey to be courteous, timely, diligent, and knowledgeable.
-Dorothy E.
I want to thank Lucy Jones for being so helpful. She is a wonderful person.
-Gloria D.
I would definitely go to FIT Rehab again if needed.
- Joan W.
Stacey was very efficient in all manners. I always felt better from her service. She was very good for me mentally, and also really miss her. I pray my blessings upon her.
-Jeannette B.
Sasha got me to walk again. My spinal stinosis will always be with me at my age, but I have been given a program to follow to help with this.
Thank you,
Hans G.
Sasha conducted herself very business like at all times and her concerns were for my improvements and improved physical conditioning.
-Raymond T.
Lucy is an excellent therapist. I felt so much better after each session. I couldn’t thank her enough.
-Catherine P.