In the fall of 2012, FIT Rehab was proud to announce the addition of three new specialties of physical therapy:  Vestibular Rehab, Pelvic Floor Therapy and Lymphedema treatment.  Please look at our Services tab for a detailed description of these specialties.

FIT Rehab is also actively involved within the community.  We sponsored the 1st Annual Sterling High School Golf Tournament given by the Sterling Football Booster Club.  John was actively involved and worked alongside the Booster members to help with the event.  This fall, FIT Rehab also was a sponsor of Stratford Day 2012, and participated in Somerdale Day 2012, the 2012 Women’s Expo, Camden County Senior Health Fair at Cooper River, and Harvest Festival of Barrington.

Besides sponsorship/participation in these events, FIT Rehab promotes Shop Here Keep It Here (by Camden County) utilizing services provided by local businesses within Somerdale and the surrounding communities.  FIT Rehab is also proud to announce that the Somerdale Borough has given them permission to sponsor community outreach events at the Somerdale Senior Community Center one Saturday every month.  FIT Rehab is looking forward to holding activities for the community of Somerdale that will benefit its residents.  These are examples of FIT Rehab’s mission to provide a holistic approach with services that address the needs of our community.